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DEMO Forklift Truck Joint Stock Co., Ltd is a professional electric forklift truck manufacturer with the best leading international technology standards in China. DEMO has invested in three production bases in Pudong Shanghai, Wuhu Anhui, Neijiang Sichuan. It not only introduces Germany’s advanced forklift design technology, process manufacturing, production technology, advanced management concept but also introduces the first class technical staff and production lines in the domestic and foreign.

New DEMO Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck side left
New DEMO Four Wheel Electric Forklift Truck side left












  • Industrial vehicle sales status

According to the statistics, world sales on industrial vehicles for first half 2017 are 657,798 units, increases 16.77% compared with 563,309 sets last year of 2016.

Europe has sold 229,574 units in 2017 first half, with an increase of 14.03%,

America continent has sales volume of 134,558 sets which is 3.31% more than in 2016.

Asia sold 274,439 units, with an improvement of 27.85% based on 2016, say 214,661 sales volume.


  • First-time Two-digit Increase Since 2009 Financial Crisis 

Global increase trend is very impressing and inspiring, esp. France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Russia. China and the USA.

Marketing factor has fewer effects on forklift industry, unlike other engineering mechanics or niche industry.

Warehouse forklift has major increase compared with counterbalanced forklifts, and become the most rapidly growing truck model among all related types.


  • Indsutry Trend

Initial judgement is next year will see an adjustment, as from 2009, industry is in the meantime of a three-year circle. Since 2009, 2012 and 2015 these three years are all minus increase year in history, also 2017 see a high base, thus judgement is 2018 will see an adjustment.

Long Term View

How much growing room does the forklift industry will have?  The market is far from saturation. Maybe total volume will not increase as much as in 2001-2011, while shown as an improving with fluctuation. In future, type of power will have great changes along with the environmental protection.

  • New Energy Forklift and AGV

    The influence of new energy to the industrial vehicle is mainly on lithium battery forklift. We will have an article to analyze the lithium battery advantages separately.

Currently, the industry puts more and more attention on AGV products. Forklift manufacturers  is transforming from single equipment supplier to integrated total solution provider. In recent years, more and more enterprises joined the team of helping users with one-stop solution.


No doubt, the future of industrial vehicle is bright, but with a more intense competition.  We are walking along the road with the sole target and believe market will return us with a fantastic future.



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