AGV is Chinese Robots’ Realm and Pride


With the coming of intelligent manufacturing, factory intelligence has become an irreversible trend, no doubt AGV is becoming one of the major concern as the focus of intelligent logistics.

AGV, as a segment, has achieved remarkable marketing performance among overall robots industry.

AGV brings practical profits for customers, these benefits include savings on labor cost, improving working efficiency, product quality, space utilization, they make production flow more perfect and connect smoothly the data chain.

Chinese robots market is now far ahead of other economies, in which AGV is increasing at a rate of 30-40% annually. Chinese economy reaches 6.8-6.9% increase this year, but the robot industry growth is much higher than the economy increases.

The rapid development of AGV for Chinese market happened after the year 2000, influenced by huge profit attractiveness and continuous technology R&D.

Non-reflector laser navigation AGV now has led AGV industry to a new development direction and era, its advanced technology is not losing to overseas.

The non-reflector laser navigation AGV has many advantages as follows:

  • No need any navigation signal, save investment and cost
  • Build overall navigation map, like indoor GPS station, can navigate to any place within the factory, it can realize overall factory material handling without navigation signal.
  • Short working environment study and map building time, quicker construction, shorter project cycle.
  • Amendment of the route is easier due to change in working process or material, there is only need to change the map, later maintenance will be easy and quick.

There is tremendous development room for AGV, this will need all of our AGV R&D manufacturers team to develop consistently to possess core technology and provide lifelong services to both domestic and international market.

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