Three legends-DEMO Three direction Narrow aisle Reach Forklift truck

Three Legends, and we will continue with more…

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since Jan 2017, DEMO narrow aisle reach forklift worked in Sri Lanka and it has been more than 15 months since then, they worked well and well again.

Firstly the lifting height is a legend, it is up to 12500mm, the height ranks among the most advanced technology in the world and is almost the highest level in reach truck field.

Secondly, the telescopic fork is another legend, the forks total length can reach 2240mm, it can work among double deep racks with the top loading 500kgs, that is amazing.

Three Direction Narrow aisle
Three Direction Narrow aisle

Our customer commented that DEMO’s stacker sold in last five years was also a legend.  They are high quality and in stable operation every day to protect and ensure their business running smoothly and more economically.

Three legends ha, let us continue these legends in the future.


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Brief About DEMO

With 17 years specializing industry experiences, DEMO Corporation is a modern enterprise consolidating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. It has invested four production bases consequently in Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Zhejiang provinces. Product line includes an overall series of new energy industrial vehicles (mainly full range of forklifts, logistics vehicles, tractors) Electric stackers, warehouse racking system, automatic storage software system, AGV, industrial door etc. DEMO is the only initiator and facilitator that has its own three brands and one-stop logistics system in China with exportation to over 60 countries and regions around the world.




DEMO New R&D Electric Four Wheel Forklift Truck Launch

DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch

DEMO New R&D Electric Forklift Truck Leaflet

DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch
DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch


Brief introduction for

DEMO New R&D Four Wheel Sky Blue Series Electric Forklift Truck

  • Spacious legroom
    • Spacious legroom


    • New model large-screen LCD, high-resolution LED Electricity meter, LED timer and

    Malfunction diagnosis device, come with high quality digital displaying function .


    LED Display
    LED Display


  •   Controller is horizontally mounted for easy maintenance .
  • DEMO Controller
    DEMO Controller


  • Brand new integrated driving axle and transmission structure
  • Motor


  • Standard configuration of LED headlight and taillight
  • LED light
    LED light
    LED Taillight
    LED Taillight


  • Lifting motor is vertically fixed to reduce noise
  • Lifting motor
    Lifting motor

GESM- Future Intelligent Forklifts, Commercial Vehicle Production Center

GESM logo
GESM logo
GESM logo

Brief on GESM

Hangzhou GESM New Energy Intelligent Equipment Joint Stock Co., Ltd is fully invested by DEMO (HK) INT Group. GESM was initiated by senior overseas and domestic co-founders,  it introduced core technology R&D and operation team on new energy vehicle and intelligent equipment field from Germany and Japan.

GESM factory layout birds view
GESM factory layout birds view

As a modern industrial enterprise, GESM has integrated headquarter R&D , with manufacturing, domestic vehicle assembly supporting as well as international trade on new energy vehicle and core parts intelligent manufacturing.

GESM is committed to the overall application of Industry 4.0 intelligence.

Product category has been divided into two major sections:  one is new energy logistics smart equipment, the other is new energy commercial vehicle manufacturing platform.

GESM Major products are as follows:

  • Logistic intelligent material handling equipment, AGV,
  • Engineering truck and smart logistic integration total solution.
  • New energy vehicle three “electronics”: like controller, motor, etc.
  • New energy logistics vehicle
  • New energy commercial vehicle chassis
  • New Energy Commercial vehicle modular production

GESM factory will be launched to start mass production from Oct 2018! Warmly welcome to GESM.

Green, Intelligence, Future.

Reported by Erica, Shanghai

Mar. 9th, 2018

GESM logo
GESM logo



DEMO Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck DM-E series

DEMO Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

Dear Customers,

For your reading convenience,  DEMO Electric counterbalanced forklift brochure leaflet is as follows,

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About DEMO:

Having 17 years of experience, DEMO Corporation is a modern enterprise consolidating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. It has invested four production bases consequently in Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Zhejiang provinces.

Some of our services include;

  • Electric Counterbalance Forklifts
  • IC Counterbalance Forklifts
  • Material Handling Services
  • Industrial Vehicles/Equipment and much more!
DEMO Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck
DEMO Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck



Ontario to invest in green trucks, natural gas network

Commercial Vehicle
Commercial Vehicle
Commercial Vehicle


TORONTO, ON – Ontario has unveiled a five-year Climate Change Action Plan that includes funds to adopt greener commercial vehicles and build a province-wide natural gas fueling network.

A new Green Commercial Vehicle Program to launch in 2017 will include up to $170 million in incentives for adopting electric and natural gas commercial vehicles, aerodynamic devices, anti-idling devices, and electric trailer refrigeration. The funding available for specific technologies is not referenced.

Another $75-$100 million will be used to build a province-wide natural gas fueling network, which will be developed with input from the Ontario Trucking Association, Union Gas, Enbridge Gas, and others.

It’s part of the push toward the fuel that Ontario needs, says Bruce Winchester, executive director of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, noting the new announcement allows the province to become a player in a scene heavily dominated to date by Quebec and British Columbia.

“It’s hard to faze truckers,” says Winchester, “but when we’ve done outreach there’s been that sense of concern about adopting new technologies — and at a time when they have so many other concerns like finding capable drivers or meeting emission limits, natural gas has not been at the top of their list.”

Winchester says that commitments from engine makers like Cummins Westport, now on its third generation of natural gas-capable engines, should reassure the trucking industry that this technology is not a flash in the pan.

One factor that continues to hamper the use of Liquefied Natural Gas, however, is the lack of a large-displacement engine. The 15-liter model was discontinued.

Futuristic Space truck
Futuristic Space truck

Natural gas has a lower carbon content than diesel, but it is not the only fuel to receive a financial boost under the announcement. A $20-million pilot program will also be introduced to transform methane from agricultural material or food waste into transportation fuels. Up to $155 million will be available for fuel distributors to deliver high-blend sustainable biofuels and upgrade infrastructure. Gasoline prices, meanwhile, will increase 4.3 cents per liter in January, to help pay for the overall $8.3-billion plan.

Another $1 million has been set aside to explore opportunities with the federal government to accelerate Capital Cost Allowances for technologies that reduce Greenhouse Gases.

“Today’s announcement makes it easier for Ontario trucking companies to transition to greener, low carbon-intensive fuels such as electric and natural gas technology and spur market penetration of proven fuel-cutting aerodynamic and anti-idling products,” said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Ontario Trucking Association. “The Government of Ontario has created a watershed opportunity for the commercial natural gas vehicle industry to market innovative environmental products and technology to our sector.

“What we have now is a partner in government that will work with us to bring about GHG reductions even more quickly,” he said.

Transportation is cited by the province as one of the “largest challenges” to meeting targets for lower emissions. More than one-third of Ontario’s Greenhouse Gas emissions can be traced to transportation, and cars and trucks are responsible for more than 70% of those, the government says. About 11 million passenger and commercial vehicles now travel Ontario roads.

The province plans to increase the amount of renewable content like ethanol in gasoline, but existing Green Diesel Standards will remain.

Other transportation goals include the wider use of battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hydrogen passenger vehicles, and targets have been set to have them account for 5% of vehicle sales as early as 2020. Related incentives will include up to $14,000 rebates on green vehicles, which will also be able to travel High Occupancy Vehicle lanes when there is only one passenger on board.

Ontario wants to slash Greenhouse Gases when compared to 1990 levels, reducing them 15% by 2020, 37% by 2030, and 80% by 2050.

A new cap and trade program – aligning with those in place in Quebec and California, and effective July 1 — is expected to annually generate as much as $1.9 billion, which will be invested in a new “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account” earmarked for initiatives that reduce related pollution.

The province’s environmental and clean technology sector includes an estimated 3,000 businesses employing 65,000 people, generating $8 billion in annual revenue.

Not all the funding supports trucks, however. There are also plans to make short-line railways more competitive. “According to the Railway Association of Canada, shortlines can be three to four times more efficient per tonne-kilometer than transporting the same freight by truck. There are currently five provincially licensed freight short-lines in operation that carry goods over distances up to 300 kilometers,” the Action Plan concludes.

“Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan will create good jobs, help people and businesses reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and accelerate a shift to a more sustainable society,” said Glen Murray, minister of the environment and climate change. “Through the plan, Ontarians and the government are doing their part in the global effort to fight climate change.”

What to Do During a Forklift Tip-Over

Forklift tipover

On average 100 people lose their lives each year working on, or around forklifts, and almost half of those casualties result from tip-over accidents. Engineering, accident statistics, eye-witness, and first-hand accounts tell us that if an operator stays inside the overhead guard area in the seat of the forklift, the operator’s chance of survival increases.

The sole purpose of seat belt use on a forklift is not for front-end collisions. Instead, it is there to keep you in the seat in case of tip-over.

Normal human behavior says “jump” when the forklift starts to tip. In that split second needed to make a decision, two things motivate you in the wrong direction. First, momentum is throwing you to the low side of the machine (direction of tip). Secondly, in your mind, ground means safety, and the ground is closest on the low side (direction of tip). The problem is you can’t get away from the machine fast enough, and the overhead guard crushes you at the head, neck, shoulders, or chest.

Humans have another peculiar habit; as the machine tips, we stick our arms and legs out toward the direction of the tip as if to magically stop the 9,000 lb forklift from tipping over. During a tip-over, you need to keep your hands and feet inside the confines of the forklift and overhead guard.

Forklift accident
Forklift accident
Forklift safety to avoid tipover
Forklift safety to avoid tipover

To survive a tip-over accident, do the following:

  • Put on the seat belt every time you operate a truck. Adjust the seat belt to tighten as needed.
  • Push hard against the steering wheel and brace your feet firmly into the floorboard on the machine, which will firmly plant you in the seat.
  • Place both hands on the steering wheel, lean forward, and use the steering wheel as upper body support.
  • Always lean away from the point of impact. For example, if the forklift is tipping left, lean right.

Help your forklift operators keep safety awareness strong! We will provide a variety of safety training classes for operators and in-house trainers.

Forklift Safety and Survive a Tip-over Accident


Warmly Welcome to Attend Guangzhou New Energy Vehicle Exhibition

Hangzhou GESM New Energy Intelligent vehicle


The 9th China (Guangzhou) International New Energy Vehicle Industry Expo 2018, Guangzhou, China

Let us meet there one day! !Kindly contact me at if you are interested in the trip and visit, we can come and meet together!


April 13-15th, 2018


Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China



In the era of energy scarcity, green, energy saving and environmental protection become the core themes of economic development.

New energy vehicles have many advantages, such as good environmental performance, good fuel economy and lower running cost, which not only protect the environment but also alleviate the energy shortage, adjust the energy structure and ensure energy security.

The 21st century is a century facing enormous energy and environmental challenges, traditional fuel vehicles will be developed in the direction of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles of high efficiency and low emission.

Vigorous development of new energy vehicles is the inevitable energy and environmental requirement, and China’s development of new energy vehicles is much more impressing.

According to the Vehicle and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2011-2020), focus will be put on the development of clean energy vehicles during the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, and the central government will invest hundreds of billions of RMB in support of the development and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles represented by pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles in the next decade. So, it is foreseeable that China’s new energy vehicles will get rapid development in the future.

Located in the heart of the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic region, Guangzhou is adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, radiates Southeast Asia and boasts convenient sea, land and air transport, broad market radiation and developed economy.

With the implementation of CEPA, the regional cooperation, development and positive interaction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Pan-Pearl River Delta will surely create good development prospects for the new energy vehicle and support facility industry.

Believe this exhibition will offer foreign and Chinese exhibitors more cooperation opportunities for the new energy vehicle and supporting facility industry! !

Join us today!

Hangzhou GESM New Energy Intelligent Equipment Joint Stock Co., Ltd

Reported by Erica LI, Shanghai

Jan 2018

GESM, a new DEMO Hong Kong wholly owned and invested new energy AGV, intelligent lift and pallet truck, warehouse management and Commercial Vehicle R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and Service one-stop platform, future leading industry provider.

A Travel to Atlanta, an unforgettable experience, Reported by DEMO LPG Forklift Truck

DEMO LPG Forklift Truck 1


This is an outstanding experience, this is an unforgettable experience, this is a glorious trip that will mark the memory. An interior monologue of a DEMO Forklift Truck

I,with a bottle on back, designed by European professional designer, wearing beautiful clothes.I am sitting quietly at the Shanghai port warehouse and will travel across Pacific Ocean,though it is a long way to go, I am eager to see my owner and see their faces looking at me with joyful smiles.


DEMO LPG Forklift Truck 1
DEMO LPG Forklift Truck 1


Though I am ready to do harsh works with my robust body, I hope people treat me like gentleman and know me well, I will get along well with people for longer time and I am proud of myself to be loved by them.

Say goodbye to Shanghai, say hello to Atlanta.

Above is an interior monologue of a LPG lift truck, DEMO made.

Reported by Erica LI, Shanghai.

DEMO LPG Forklift Truck
DEMO LPG Forklift Truck


In the corner on above picture, it is a Heli brand lift truck, which is the world No. 7 Forklift truck brand.