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April 9-12, 2018
Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center

As the speed of manufacturing and supply chain operations continues to accelerate, the future of our industry depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. From illuminating education to next-generation technology and equipment in action, MODEX lets you see what’s coming — and take advantage of it to FUTUREPROOF your supply chain for years to come.

Powered by MHI, MODEX 2018 will allow you to make new contacts, discover cutting-edge solutions, and learn the latest trends that are sure to give you a leg up on the competition. Here, you’ll encounter the best our industry has to offer to:



with 900 of the leading providers and see in-person, in-action how their efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting equipment and technology solutions can futureproof your supply chain.


from the industry’s best minds how key industry trends and innovations can transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations during 100+ free education sessions and four powerful keynotes.


with your industry peers from the U.S. and over 110 countries across the globe.

Whatever manufacturing and supply chain solutions or insights you need to FUTUREPROOF your business, you’ll find them at MODEX 2018.

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Modex major profiles
Modex major profiles

Show Exhibit Hours
Monday, April 9: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, April 10, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday, April 11: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday, April 12: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

April 11th, 2018


Austrian pianist -Cornelia Herrmann

Austrian pianist -Cornelia Herrmann

A solo piano brief in Shanghai-Played by Austrian pianist -Cornelia Herrmann.

She played very well, impressed me with Mozart’s famous classic.

I like her,  though she did not speak anything on the show in Shanghai Daguan theater, music was her voice.  Since music told everyone at present her soul and her heart. That was all that she wants to say.

Some backgrounds:

Young Austrian pianist Cornelia Herrmann, who stood in for Markus Schirmer, proved a real stroke of luck which was appreciated by an enthusiastic audience.

Her performance was a fine and noble version of KV 467.


Austrian pianist -Cornelia Herrmann
Austrian pianist -Cornelia Herrmann

Latest Logistics transport vehicle Equipment -Trackless unmanned transport vehicle

GESM Trackless Unmanned Transport Vehicle Logistics Transport Vehicle

Latest Trend on Logistics Transport Vehicle Equipment

Here I would like to introduce some logistics transport vehicle trend.

Trackless unmanned transport vehicle

GESM Trackless Unmanned Transport Vehicle
GESM Trackless Unmanned Logistics Transport Vehicle


GESM will be producing the new logistics transport vehicles in mass from Oct 2018 forward on. Welcome to visit our factory then.

For more details, please email to



360-degree View of Forklift Surroundings

Introduce New Surround View camera system

If a pedestrian walks into the “blind spot” of a forklift truck, there is potential for an accident to occur. The driver may not notice the person before it is too late, or even not at all.

 “Surround View” system will prevent such hazardous situations from arising in the first place.

Via the “Surround View” system, the image display is still based on live data from cameras mounted around the truck, but instead of a single overall image, the system generates a front, a rear and two lateral fields of vision.

The big advantage of this solution is that the camera views are displayed 1:1 as a split screen on the monitor at the driver’s workstation.  If there is someone in the overlapping area of two cameras, they will be displayed in both fields of vision.

Linde’s Surround View System ensures greater safety in narrow warehouse areas and during frequent maneuvering.

Surround View System ensures greater safety in narrow warehouse areas and during frequent maneuvering. The camera views are displayed as a split screen. When driving forward, all four viewing areas are shown in the display by default. During reversing, the display changes to the rear and two lateral fields of vision.

Safe maneuvering
When driving forward, all four viewing areas are shown on the display by default. During reversing, the display changes to the rear and two lateral fields of vision. The driver therefore recognizes possible collision hazards early on. And this does not only apply to pedestrians around the forklift: Damage to goods, shelves and the forklift itself can also be avoided by the extended view.

More visibility also means higher productivity. Drivers can work more efficiently, quickly and ergonomically. For example, during storing they can see what is going on in front of the forklift arms – even if the load obstructs visibility.


Can Transformer Movie Add Intelligent Forklift This Role Next Time?

GESM logo

Can Movie Transformer Add Forklift’s Role Next Time?

Future intelligent Forklift Truck
Future intelligent Forklift Truck

Intelligent forklift truck

A driverless intelligent forklift is busily shuttling in the warehouse, picking, material handling etc. It too much like a machine being added special effect in a Hollywood blockbuster!

Can we add forklift role on next transformer film? Assume the movie will become more fascinating.

Self-driving is not the only skill for intelligent forklift, it has many special characteristics.

There are control systems implemented on the forklift and they are connected to internet.


intelligent forklift truck
Intelligent forklift truck

Any warehouse or construction site can implement the intelligent system, with proper training.

The management becomes so easy, if any forklift is lazy and does not work well, people check the control screen and will get to know!

No matter where the forklift is and what malfunction happens, you can learn about the reason and repair it accordingly.

I think of two very popular phrases in recent these years, ‘Internet Plus’, ‘ Industry 4.0.’

Intelligent Forklift
Industry 4.0

It is easier to understand ‘Internet plus’.  ‘Industry 4.0’ consolidates both traditional manufacturing and digital technology to realize the overall intelligent manufacturing through supports of ‘Internet of things, cloud computing, big data’.

Like Germany related field take it, this is a revolution,  the fourth revolution after steam engine, electrization, automation.

Suddenly, these AGV small vehicles are the wave-leader in this age!

industry 4.0-2
industry 4.0-2

About GESM: Intelligent Forklifts, Commercial Vehicle Production Center

GESM is born under the concept of Industry 4.0.

Product category: one is new energy logistics smart equipment, the other is green energy commercial vehicle manufacturing platform.

GESM Major products are as follows:

  • Logistic intelligent material handling equipment, AGV,
  • Engineering truck and smart logistic integration total solution.
  • Vehicle parts three “electronics”: like controller, motor, etc.
  • Logistics vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle chassis
  • Commercial vehicle modular production

GESM factory will be starting above mass production from Oct 2018!

Warmly welcome to GESM for visits.

GESM-Green, Intelligence, Future.

MIDEA and KUKA will cooperate to build Robot production base in China

KUKA and Media for Robots production base

MIDEA and KUKA will cooperate to build Robot production base in China


KUKA and Media for Robots production base
KUKA and Media for Robots production base

MIDEA declared on Mar 22nd, it will build joint venture with KUKA Aktiengesellschaft to establish new production base to mutually push forward KUKA’s business in China.

According to the announcement on Mar 21st from KUKA, its Supervisory Board has approved its general China industrial business merged with Swisslog Holding AG (following as Swisslog for short) , and undertake above business with MEDIA with the profile of joint venture. Both parties share 50% of stocks. The establishment of the joint venture will accelerate the penetration and expansion for KUKA’s business.

China SHUNDE Science and Technology Park will establish a new production base for new product development, the production capacity of Robots will be estimated up to 75,000 sets till 2024, plus current capacity, annual volume for Robots will be expected to reach 100,000 units.

KUKA Robots Co., LTD, established in Germany in 1995, is one of the leading industrial robots manufacturers in the world, focusing on providing automation solution for the industrial manufacturing process. KUKA has more than 20 global subsidiaries, MEDIA (China home appliance enterprise purchased 94.55% stock share from KUKA in Jan 2017.




Three legends-DEMO Three direction Narrow aisle Reach Forklift truck

Three Legends, and we will continue with more…

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since Jan 2017, DEMO narrow aisle reach forklift worked in Sri Lanka and it has been more than 15 months since then, they worked well and well again.

Firstly the lifting height is a legend, it is up to 12500mm, the height ranks among the most advanced technology in the world and is almost the highest level in reach truck field.

Secondly, the telescopic fork is another legend, the forks total length can reach 2240mm, it can work among double deep racks with the top loading 500kgs, that is amazing.

Three Direction Narrow aisle
Three Direction Narrow aisle

Our customer commented that DEMO’s stacker sold in last five years was also a legend.  They are high quality and in stable operation every day to protect and ensure their business running smoothly and more economically.

Three legends ha, let us continue these legends in the future.


Like our products? contact Erica LI at

We are always here for you!

Brief About DEMO

With 17 years specializing industry experiences, DEMO Corporation is a modern enterprise consolidating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. It has invested four production bases consequently in Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Zhejiang provinces. Product line includes an overall series of new energy industrial vehicles (mainly full range of forklifts, logistics vehicles, tractors) Electric stackers, warehouse racking system, automatic storage software system, AGV, industrial door etc. DEMO is the only initiator and facilitator that has its own three brands and one-stop logistics system in China with exportation to over 60 countries and regions around the world.




DEMO New R&D Electric Four Wheel Forklift Truck Launch

DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch

DEMO New R&D Electric Forklift Truck Leaflet

DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch
DEMO New Electric Forklift Truck launch


Brief introduction for

DEMO New R&D Four Wheel Sky Blue Series Electric Forklift Truck

  • Spacious legroom
    • Spacious legroom


    • New model large-screen LCD, high-resolution LED Electricity meter, LED timer and

    Malfunction diagnosis device, come with high quality digital displaying function .


    LED Display
    LED Display


  •   Controller is horizontally mounted for easy maintenance .
  • DEMO Controller
    DEMO Controller


  • Brand new integrated driving axle and transmission structure
  • Motor


  • Standard configuration of LED headlight and taillight
  • LED light
    LED light
    LED Taillight
    LED Taillight


  • Lifting motor is vertically fixed to reduce noise
  • Lifting motor
    Lifting motor