NORINCO GROUP and KOITO Use DEMO 20T Electric Platform Truck for Grinding Tools

DEMO Electric Platform Truck-20 ton
NORINCO GROUP and KOITO Automobile Lamp
NORINCO GROUP and KOITO Automobile Lamp

July 2017, this is another scorching hot summer, though in the North East China, generally overall temperature seems a bit lower than in South region, under sunshine, they are now the same. High temperature can not stop our young and energetic Service Engineer, Mr Yuan, a Post-90s, his step. He flied to Jilin Koito Automobile Lamp Company from DEMO Wuhu factory to provide professional after sales service and installation of new equipments.

Mr Yuan said: NORINCO Group and KOITO purchased another unit of 20-ton Grind tools Electric Platform Truck based on confidence for DEMO brand and its material handling products.

The old truck which has been operated many years has also been well checked and performed superior maintenance during Yuan’s visit, Mr Yuan said, “We have done a thorough inspection with some repairing works on the former unit and now, fulfilled the installation and testing for the brand new one. Both of them are in normal operation, customers are very satisfied with our product functionality and service capability.

I want to say to Mr Yuan,  you are a great man and the future of DEMO.

Thanks again to Mr Yuan and say ‘Bon Voyage’ for his return trip!

DEMO 20 ton Electric Platform Truck
DEMO 20 ton Electric Platform Truck


DEMO New 20T Electric Platform Truck
Operation of New Electric Platform 20T Truck
DEMO Customers Gate
Customer’s Gate

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