DEMO Full Electric Stacker Series

DEMO Stacker pic 4

DEMO Full Electric Stacker DM-S15E Series 

DEMO Stacker pic 4
DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 4



Model No.: DM-S15E

Capacity: 1500kgs (3000lbs)

Lift height: 6000mm (236 in.)

Three stage Full free lift

Load at 6000mm: 500kgs (1100lbs)

Without pedal, arm


DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 5
DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 5

Stacker Advantages:

Configuration and Performance

  • Electronic power steering system, light and low noise
  • Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode
  • Drive unit floating bodies with patent design
  • AC Driving system. No carbon brush, maintenance free
  • USA CURTIS driving controller
  • Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system
  • Automatic lifting limit, proximity switch, long life

Stacker Safety

  • Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe
  • Goods high position, vehicle automatic deceleration
  • Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet
  • Controller with Multiple automatic protection
  • Emergency reversing device/Emergency brake switch
  • High position automatic reduction device
DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 2
DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 2


DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 6
DEMO Full Electric Stacker pic 6

Beautiful Lady with Gentleman Personality-Latest Stacker shipment DEMO Made

DEMO Full Electric Stacker 11

DEMO New Stacker Shipment- Beautiful lady with gentleman personality. 

Though it is during Christmas season, DEMO factory is still busy with stacker shipment and delivery.

Latest shipment to Algeria,  are stackers with colorful appearances, orange and lemon series, following are their characteristics:  Welcome inquiries on similar products! !

DEMO Scissor reach Stacker
DEMO Scissor reach Stacker


DEMO Mast Reach Full Electric Stacker DM-R20M
DEMO Mast Reach Full Electric Stacker DM-R20M

Gerbeur Electrique 

DEMO R series 1-2T Electric scissors Reach Stacker

Capacity: 1200kg/1500kg

Lift height: 4500mm/5000mm

Model No.: DM-R12J/DM-R15J

Gerbeur Electrique 

DEMO R series 1-2T Electric reach Stacker (Mast reachable)

Capacity: 2000kg

Model No.: DM-R20M

Lift height: 6000mm

Load at the top 6000mm: 600KGS

Remarks: Static mast height: 2660mm (will need distributor to reassemble mast upon receiving)


We like the beautiful clothes they are wearing, they make the winter meaningful and full of energy. But notice they have robust and vertical, gentleman like statues, personalities, they are strong and can work diligently, smartly under your request.

Do you like them? The shipment has been done and on the way to customers’ hands, they will be happy to see it and the stacker gentlemen or ladies will appear and show their energy and strength soon.

Though winter is cold, our hearts are sincere and warm and consider all for customers.  These stackers, they have no life originally,  but now under the hands of DEMO workers, they have lives and smile at you to ask for bring them home! !

Warmly welcome your requests and inquires! ! The delivery will be made quickly upon your needs.

Reported by Erica LI, Shanghai

DEMO Reach Stacker series
DEMO Reach Stacker series











Your business is always our business, DEMO is willing to grow with you consistently and build mutual prosperous future! !



The Christmas is going close, I learned a song to sing in the gathering on Dec 23rd

The day you went away
The day you went away


How time flys, now the Christmas is only three days ahead!

I have learned a song to sing on the park gathering on Dec 23rd,  I have looked on the website and tried to find a beautiful song with medium pitch and tone, I thought this song should be popular and easy to catch.

At that time, I found the following song, the singer is M2M, a chorus grouped by two young beautiful girls from Norway.

Following is the lyrics:

The Day You Went Away

By M2M

Well I wonder, Could it be

When I was dreaming about you

You were dreaming of me

Call me crazy, call me blind

To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

Did I lose my love to someone better

and does she love you like I do

I do, you know I really really do

Well, heh

So much I need to say

Been lonely since the day

The day you went away

So sad but true

For me there’s only you

Been crying since the day

The day you went away


Above is the first paragraph, I will be equipped with a MIC,  not in KTV,  no reference, subtitle, otherwise I am afraid it is hard to remember the overall words and sing before too many people.

How do you think? I expect that day coming quickly and I can sing before the audience,  then what a wonderful experience! !

Erica LI reported from Shanghai



Hyster-Yale buys major stake in Maximal

Hyster yale buys Maximal-2

Hyster-Yale buys major stake in Maximal

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 75% of the outstanding shares of, and a controlling interest in, Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Company Limited through an indirect wholly owned subsidiary.

The stock is currently held by KNSN Pipe and Pile Company Limited and the price has been set at USD90 million, funded using Hyster-Yale’s cash on hand.

The remaining 25% share of the new company, which will be named Hyster-Yale Maximal Materials Handling Co., Ltd, remains in the hands of Zhejiang Maximal Forklift senior management through Y-C Hong Kong Holding Company Limited.

Hyster yale buys Maximal
Hyster yale buys Maximal




Maximal, a privately held, Chinese OEM for utility and standard forklifts and specialised materials handling equipment which was founded in 2006, produces equipment under the Maximal and SAMUK brands. Maximal also designs and produces specialised products in the port equipment and rough-terrain forklift segments.


Dec 6th, 2017 summarized from DEMO on Hyster-yale issue


Step Forward to Welcome AGV 4.0! !

AGV 4.0

Step forward to Welcome AGV 4.0

Requirements for AGV 4.0

Conventional Automated Guided Vehicles are just part of an overall system, the AGV system. The vehicles work on the shop floor and each vehicle communicates exclusively with the parent control computer of the AGV system. If two vehicles have to “vote” in a conflict situation, this is done via the control system.

Vehicle faults are reported to the control system by the vehicle, if this is still possible. The same applies to bottlenecks and deadlocks. Employees receive these messages and have to eliminate the respective problem situation.

AGV 4.0-2
AGV 4.0-2


In Industry 4.0 plants, the picture is completely transformed and the vehicles must have the following features, among others:

  • Automatic
  • Communication between products and vehicles
  • Communication from vehicle to vehicle
  • Self-diagnosis in case of malfunctions
  • Self-configuration
  • Cross-manufacturer interfaces
  • Identification of reusable components
  • Preventive component change
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Self-dissolution of deadlocks


AGV 4.0-3
AGV 4.0-3


Manufacturers and component suppliers as well as research institutions will have to face many challenges until AGV 4.0 becomes a standard.