DEMO History

DEMO Forklift Truck WUHU Factory

Self-propelled engine forklift was emerged in 1917,after World War II, the forklift was improved so rapid . It was Widely used in factories, ,ports, airports and warehouses .Forklift play a very important role at the enterprises logistics system, human labors is the main force in the material handling industry before 1990’s,in the past ten years, Chinas forklift market demand  has  growth of double-digit annually.

  • 2001.01    DEMO forklift official enter into the China and East Asia market
  • 2002.08   Shanghai DEMO Machinery & Electric engineering Co., LTD. was founded
  • 2004.02   Beginning OEM forklifts, industrial doors and Storage shelves systems
  • 2006.05   Shanghai DEMO industry door Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 2007.11     Shanghai DEMO Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 2008.01   Anhui DEMO Forklift Co., Ltd.was established in Wuhu of Anhui Province
  • 2008.04   DEMO North China Branch was set up in Tianjin
  • 2008.07   DEMO Anhui new plant and office building was set up in Wuhu
  • 2008.12    DEMO forklift was sales in China exceeded to 25 Provinces of China.
  • 2009.01    DEMO forklift was sales exceeded to 45 countries and Regions
  • 2009.05  DEMO Machinery holding Design shelves plant, mongering of DEMO door plant and relocation of a new plant in Pudong new district.
  • 2010.09   Shanghai DEMO Prepare for build AG.
  • 2010. 12   DEMO south-west sub-branch established at Chongqing and Guangzhou
  • 2011.01    Establish two overseas sub-branches (Russia, France)
  • 2011.03   Preparing for setting up Sichuan DEMO Forklift Co., Ltd
  • 2011.09    Russia plant prepare for establishing
  • 2012.05    Europe Spare Parts Center  prepare for establishing in France


Selecting the Right Forklift Tires: Pneumatic vs. Cushion

Selecting the Right Forklift Tires: Pneumatic vs. Cushion

Material Handling Best Practices, Tips, Information

When choosing the right tire for your forklift, the most common options are pneumatic forklift tires or cushion forklift tires.  These two types of tires have significant differences between them that should be considered when evaluating which works best for your application.

Choosing the right tire impacts the handling and safety* of your forklift.  The majority of forklifts are specifically designed for a particular tire and tires are designed for specific applications or industries.

Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Pneumatic tires are similar to a car or truck tire and offer high performance and versatility.  Pneumatic tires provide strong grip on uneven surfaces and rough terrain and are popular on construction sites, in lumber yards and indoor/outdoor warehouses.  There are two types of pneumatic tires:  Solid Pneumatics, which are made of solid rubber and are more puncture proof, and Air Pneumatics, which are air-filled.

Cushion Forklift Tires

Cushion tires are made of smooth solid rubber and are fitted around a metal band.  They are cheaper to manufacture and easier to maintain, but cushion tires do not get the same level of traction as a pneumatic tire, particularly outdoors.  Cushion tires are best for smooth surface applications, primarily indoors or on loading docks.  They also help with handling in smaller spaces, as they facilitate a smaller turning radius.


Before you make your initial forklift purchase, decide whether a pneumatic or cushion tire forklift is best for you.  Start by determining how the forklift will be used.  Consider your capacity and any multi-use functions.  Then, consider space constraints and application; will it be used inside or out, or both?  Will it be used on smooth or rough terrain?

Remember that most forklifts require specific tires so do some research before you make your initial forklift purchase to be sure it will work for you.

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