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Erica LI from DEMO

Nov 2017

An Impressive Meeting With MHI During CeMAT ASIA

DEMO Forklift Blog-With MHI at CeMAT
DEMO Blog-With MHI at CeMAT

It was such a pleasure that I received the MHI invitation for mutual meeting and talks before CeMAT Asia, Oct 31st-Nov 3rd since Mr. George Prest, CEO of MHI and Mr. Tom, Vice President of MHI would both be coming to the show and this means a lot to me. We met on the first and second day of the exhibition and this doomed to be a great day.

Following I will give some brief introductions on MHI, the leading association in North America.

About MHI

The Industry That Makes Supply Chains Work

MHI is the America’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association. MHI offers education, networking and solution sourcing for members, their customers and the industry as a whole through programming and events.

MHI logo
MHI logo


To be recognized as the premier authority for the material handling industry, enhancing how supply chains work.





It was Oct 31st, Shanghai was a sunny day under golden Autumn season with cozy wind kissing at cheeks. I came at the right time and saw two giants- smiling,  energetic, middle-aged gentlemen, wearing formal tie and suit,  standing in the MHI booth, both smiles were amiable and they were talking together in a whisper and seemed to wait for me especially.  Here I am!! We were so excited and started to say hello to each other, and we seemed have known each other for a long time.  Mr. George and Mr. Tom, both were interested in our company and asked us how many times I have been in America and how was our business going on in America currently and how they can be a source of DEMO.  WOW.

They were ready to help with the next step material handling equipment business development for DEMO, we talked about further details and their smiles on face and focus attitude impressed me a lot.

They were adorable experts,  we were deeply involved in talks and  I even forgot to take pictures with them at all.

Finally, on the second day, Nov 1st, I came again to MHI booth and we sat together and took the precious photos, I loved the pictures very much.  I would like that time keeping in our heart and never phasing out. There will be no departure…

Time passed quickly, we will be having next shipment delivered to the United States of America in Dec. After that, 2017 will be flowing away and we will welcome the new year of 2018. What will 2018 be looking like? I don’t know but I am sure it will be more brilliant for DEMO Forklift, DEMO Group career, and DEMO managements and colleagues, DEMO Intelligent Material Handling business.

Though today will become a history,  smile and warm heart keep in mind.

MHI Mission

MHI provides an unbiased, collaborative environment that fosters stakeholder best practices by facilitating industry groups, education, events and market intelligence through innovative direct programming or in partnership with other industry providers.

MHI and Erica
MHI and Erica

MHI Snapshot

  • 800 members including material handling and logistics equipment companies, systems and software manufacturers; consultants; systems integrators and simulators; and third-party logistics providers and publishers.
  • 17 MHI Industry Groups represent the leading providers of several key equipment and system solution categories.
  • Sponsor of the industry-leading ProMat and MODEX events
  • MHI provides educational, business development, networking and solution sourcing opportunities

Thanks a lot for MHI!! We will meet each other soon again to continue the longlasting friendship!

Erica reported from Shanghai, Nov 15th, 2017






Find the AGV 4.0 on Intelligent Material Handling Equipments in CeMAT Asia


This is a golden Autumn for Shanghai, the weather is warm with some cool breeze kissing at cheek. The CeMAT ASIA, as expected, was held from Oct 31-Nov 3rd,  on the show, the intelligent or smart automatic vehicles say AGV utilized in warehouses, robots are becoming more and more the hot spots and catching every visitor’s eyes.

Will the AGV and robot come along and change the world?  By how much?

Following are some special reports from Erica DEMO,

The backbone of industry 4.0 is an automated material flow, where the smart machines are docked. The basis for all changes are innovations.

Automated Guided Vehicles are unmanned, computer-controlled vehicles which safely transport raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods in industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Significant technological advancements contribute to increase the attractiveness of AGVs for the users. They essentially concern the cost-effectiveness, the flexibility, and quality.

In the exhibition, we saw a lot of innovative companies displaying their newly launched AGV products, you see how amazing they are. WOW.










MHI and Erica
MHI and Erica


































Above these new AGV products on show are only a small part, they are new players in this intelligent material handling area with fast development.

Most AGVs and vehicles are used in the automotive industry. Following branches are printing and paper, food, and beverages and hospital.

Non-reflector laser navigation attracts much attention of both international and domestic AGV manufacturers because of its revolutionary AGV navigation technology.

Compared with other AGV products, the non-reflector laser navigation AGV has obvious advantages. It is totally maker-free, more flexible, improving work efficiency as well as reducing maintenance costs.

DEMO is engaged in this AGV field and has strong R&D, international manufacturing facility to realize this blueprint, in the future, you will see our share on the market.

Future is such promising, and we are ready!

If you are also interested in robots, we have many related pictures, and you can get from us by sending an email to check.










The future belongs to AGV and robot, we are proud to be one of the major players in this field!

Reported by Erica in Shanghai, Nov 5th