The day you went away
The day you went away


How time flys, now the Christmas is only three days ahead!

I have learned a song to sing on the park gathering on Dec 23rd,  I have looked on the website and tried to find a beautiful song with medium pitch and tone, I thought this song should be popular and easy to catch.

At that time, I found the following song, the singer is M2M, a chorus grouped by two young beautiful girls from Norway.

Following is the lyrics:

The Day You Went Away

By M2M

Well I wonder, Could it be

When I was dreaming about you

You were dreaming of me

Call me crazy, call me blind

To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

Did I lose my love to someone better

and does she love you like I do

I do, you know I really really do

Well, heh

So much I need to say

Been lonely since the day

The day you went away

So sad but true

For me there’s only you

Been crying since the day

The day you went away


Above is the first paragraph, I will be equipped with a MIC,  not in KTV,  no reference, subtitle, otherwise I am afraid it is hard to remember the overall words and sing before too many people.

How do you think? I expect that day coming quickly and I can sing before the audience,  then what a wonderful experience! !

Erica LI reported from Shanghai



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