Operation Manual for DEMO 3 Wheel Electric Counterbalanced Lift truck

  1. Preparations


  • Check to make sure the battery is charged, if all types of switches, plug-ins, connectors, operation handles, foot pedals, tire pressure and bolts in normal condition.
  • If anything doesn’t look or feel right, don’t drive the truck. Report the problem to your supervisor immediately.
  1. Power on

Release hand brake and turn the power key on. First put direction handle at forward (or reverse) condition, place foot on accelerator pedal, start the trucks. If there is problem, lift truck can not be started.

ATTENTION: Please lift or lower mast 3-5 times before starting the truck to avoid any damage to controller due to high voltage when battery has just been fully charged.

  1. Traveling, Load pickup and setting down
  2. Move your foot away from accelerator pedal first, then operate direction switch handle, to make turn while traveling.

To control the rear axle turning by steering wheel, truck will turn left if steering handle is operated counterclockwise (the view when driver sit down), truck will turn right if steering handle is turned clockwise. All directions will follow this principle no matter drive forward or reverse.

  1. Pay attention to surrounding area to prevent any collision accident when driving in very narrow space or on rough terrain.
  2. Do not overload, and loading of goods should be within strict limit on which the load chart plate shows. Set down the load right at the front center of mast without any deviation.
  3. Forks should be 300mm above the ground when driving with load. Mast will be backward tilted to the largest extent, to keep the loads closely against the backrest of forks. It is prohibited to brake hard or to take a sharp turn when traveling with load.
  4. After Work
  5. Full stop the lift truck, and turn power off, Direction handle should be placed at “neutral position”. Lower forks to touch the ground.
  6. Activate the hand brake, Cut off the truck power.
  7. Battery should be charged in time by following the instructions, avoid overfilling or over discharging.

WARNING!: 1. Unplug the power cord to cut off electricity if electric controller is malfunctioned during traveling.

  1. When lifting vertically with battery, the four hooks located at the both sides of battery case should be hung up at the same time . It is not allowed to lift only two of of them in order to avoid any squeezed damage to battery caused by deformation of cabinet.

Thank you for choosing DEMO Forklift!

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