DEMOV Drone UH120 Series Helicopter
DEMOV Drone UH120 Series Helicopter

The UH120 Unmanned Helicopter

The UH120 of 120kg take-off weight ultralight unmanned helicopter is competent for both military and civilian purposes is developed completely by DEMOV Aerospace Tech Co., Ltd independently.

The UH120 has three manipulation modes of augmenting stabilization, semi-autonomous flight, and autonomous flight. Its site adaptability and convenience mobility are reliable.

The UH120 can be equipped with various equipment for various missions for military and civilian purposes including reconnaissance and surveillance, air strike, communication relay, ECM, counter-terrorism contingencies, aerial remote sensing, power line inspection, agricultural spraying.

Comparing to the existing products at home and abroad, the UH120 with better flight performance, large load, longer service life, lower purchase and maintenance costs is your ideal choice.

  • Key Technical Indexes:

Key flight performance

Max.take-off weight: 130kg

Typical takeoff weight: 120kg

Max. level-flight speed: 120km/h

Cruising speed: 80km/h

Regular task load capacity: 50kg

Service ceiling: 2800m

Typical range: 120km

Max. range: 640km

Typical endurance: 1.5h

Max. endurance: 8h

Remote, image and telemetry radius: max 80km (intervisible at relative height >=500m

Key sizes and data: 

Total length: 3600mm

Body length (excl. rotor): 2644mm

Max. body height (excl.undercarriage )580mm

Rotor diameter:3398mm

Engine system: 250cc 35hp two-stroke water -cooled engine

Generator: DC 12V 80W


DEMOV UN120 Drone Helicopter aerospace
DEMOV UN120 Drone Helicopter aerospace