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Brief on GESM

Hangzhou GESM New Energy Intelligent Equipment Joint Stock Co., Ltd is fully invested by DEMO (HK) INT Group. GESM was initiated by senior overseas and domestic co-founders,  it introduced core technology R&D and operation team on new energy vehicle and intelligent equipment field from Germany and Japan.

GESM factory layout birds view
GESM factory layout birds view

As a modern industrial enterprise, GESM has integrated headquarter R&D , with manufacturing, domestic vehicle assembly supporting as well as international trade on new energy vehicle and core parts intelligent manufacturing.

GESM is committed to the overall application of Industry 4.0 intelligence.

Product category has been divided into two major sections:  one is new energy logistics smart equipment, the other is new energy commercial vehicle manufacturing platform.

GESM Major products are as follows:

  • Logistic intelligent material handling equipment, AGV,
  • Engineering truck and smart logistic integration total solution.
  • New energy vehicle three “electronics”: like controller, motor, etc.
  • New energy logistics vehicle
  • New energy commercial vehicle chassis
  • New Energy Commercial vehicle modular production

GESM factory will be launched to start mass production from Oct 2018! Warmly welcome to GESM.

Green, Intelligence, Future.

Reported by Erica, Shanghai

Mar. 9th, 2018

GESM logo
GESM logo



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