Can Movie Transformer Add Forklift’s Role Next Time?

Future intelligent Forklift Truck
Future intelligent Forklift Truck

Intelligent forklift truck

A driverless intelligent forklift is busily shuttling in the warehouse, picking, material handling etc. It too much like a machine being added special effect in a Hollywood blockbuster!

Can we add forklift role on next transformer film? Assume the movie will become more fascinating.

Self-driving is not the only skill for intelligent forklift, it has many special characteristics.

There are control systems implemented on the forklift and they are connected to internet.


intelligent forklift truck
Intelligent forklift truck

Any warehouse or construction site can implement the intelligent system, with proper training.

The management becomes so easy, if any forklift is lazy and does not work well, people check the control screen and will get to know!

No matter where the forklift is and what malfunction happens, you can learn about the reason and repair it accordingly.

I think of two very popular phrases in recent these years, ‘Internet Plus’, ‘ Industry 4.0.’

Intelligent Forklift
Industry 4.0

It is easier to understand ‘Internet plus’.  ‘Industry 4.0’ consolidates both traditional manufacturing and digital technology to realize the overall intelligent manufacturing through supports of ‘Internet of things, cloud computing, big data’.

Like Germany related field take it, this is a revolution,  the fourth revolution after steam engine, electrization, automation.

Suddenly, these AGV small vehicles are the wave-leader in this age!

industry 4.0-2
industry 4.0-2

About GESM: Intelligent Forklifts, Commercial Vehicle Production Center

GESM is born under the concept of Industry 4.0.

Product category: one is new energy logistics smart equipment, the other is green energy commercial vehicle manufacturing platform.

GESM Major products are as follows:

  • Logistic intelligent material handling equipment, AGV,
  • Engineering truck and smart logistic integration total solution.
  • Vehicle parts three “electronics”: like controller, motor, etc.
  • Logistics vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle chassis
  • Commercial vehicle modular production

GESM factory will be starting above mass production from Oct 2018!

Warmly welcome to GESM for visits.

GESM-Green, Intelligence, Future.

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