MIDEA and KUKA will cooperate to build Robot production base in China


KUKA and Media for Robots production base
KUKA and Media for Robots production base

MIDEA declared on Mar 22nd, it will build joint venture with KUKA Aktiengesellschaft to establish new production base to mutually push forward KUKA’s business in China.

According to the announcement on Mar 21st from KUKA, its Supervisory Board has approved its general China industrial business merged with Swisslog Holding AG (following as Swisslog for short) , and undertake above business with MEDIA with the profile of joint venture. Both parties share 50% of stocks. The establishment of the joint venture will accelerate the penetration and expansion for KUKA’s business.

China SHUNDE Science and Technology Park will establish a new production base for new product development, the production capacity of Robots will be estimated up to 75,000 sets till 2024, plus current capacity, annual volume for Robots will be expected to reach 100,000 units.

KUKA Robots Co., LTD, established in Germany in 1995, is one of the leading industrial robots manufacturers in the world, focusing on providing automation solution for the industrial manufacturing process. KUKA has more than 20 global subsidiaries, MEDIA (China home appliance enterprise purchased 94.55% stock share from KUKA in Jan 2017.




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