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Mr Valor Zheng-DEMO President







 Mr. Valor Zheng, President of DEMO, Talk about Intelligent Forklift Truck

Mr. Valor Zheng, President of DEMO Forklift Truck Joint Stock Co., Ltd, Young (41 years only) and energetic, but with 18 years majoring in Forklift truck field, has very profound knowledge and pioneer vision on this industry.

In recent years, intelligent forklifts are getting more and more momentum, along with the trend, many major world forklift truck manufacturers are turning more and more attention to this field. What does the future forklift look like? What will we do to catch this trend, what is DEMO’s mission as a responsible future global manufacturer on intelligent forklifts?

What does the future forklift look like
What does the future forklift look like

Following is what Mr. Valor Tells us,

Imagine watching a driverless forklift as it moves towards a loading dock and effortlessly — and with exact precision — loads and unloads materials. Meanwhile the forklift driver-turned-programmer looks on, knowing that keeping up with new technology and learning new skills has helped him not only keep his job, but perform his tasks at a heightened level of efficiency and safety.

Above is what the future looks like.


Traditiobal forklift
Traditiobal forklift

Traditional forklift operation is consistently considered by OSHA standards to be one of the more dangerous tasks at any warehouse or worksite.




An intelligent forklift system can be implemented in any warehouse or construction site, with proper training. By learning how to program and remotely operate the intelligent forklift from a distance, operators on the ground can send the equipment into situations that may have been dangerous for a human sitting in the machine. Plus, operators who learn to program automated forklifts can avoid that risky neck and back strain from the repetitive movements and posture associated with directly operating equipment.

Future intelligent Forklift Truck
Future intelligent Forklift Truck

It has four major advantages,

  • Save cost and improve efficiency
  • Easy to manage the warehouse staff
  • Higher yield and high working efficiency
  • Add benefits of improving safety standards for workers.

In conclusion intelligent forklift truck will help enterprise improve its equipment automation level, reduce the labor intensity, it has important practical significance for improving work efficiency, decrease logistics cycle, expediting funds circulation,  as well as enhancing economic benefits.

Welcome to know more about Intelligent Forklift Truck from DEMO!

More to be continued.


Article by Erica LI, DEMO

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