• This product is just used for crop protection, to be specific, it is used for liquid spraying, powder delivering,granule delivering.
  • No permission for any military purpose.
  • Reform privately & maintenance without our permission is forbidden. Please use accessories we offer to make sure safety. Other application with illegal purpose is forbidden.
  •  Regarding the operation of any multiple-rotors machine, manufacturer and distributor shall not be available to be responsible for accident caused by damaged accessories and improper assembling from user. Operation of this product must be access to the one who got the qualified training qualification .
drone demo DM4-10
Drone Model No. DM4-10

Outer Size   2243X2243X402 MM

Duration of Flight  15 Min

Single Work Period 7-9 Min

Flight Speed 0.-8 M/S

Spray Width 3.5-4 M

Propeller Siz  30 inch

Loading  10 Liter

Net Weight(with no battery)  8.0 KG

Spray Flow  1.4-2.0 L/Min

Work Efficiency  0.7-1 Hectare/10 Min

This is optimized agricultural drone for crop protection, especially designed for the small & intermedium farmlands, systematically foldable design, stable, heavy loading, optimal wind-resistance, easy to take and transfer. Nozzles are fixed under the propellers. The downward flow can enhance the penetration effect of pesticides and swing the leaves up and down to spray pesticides on both sides. After 7-15 days training, the trainees can master how to operate, how to maintain, how to repair and others.

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