E Series Wet-Type Electric Cleaning Machine (Ride-On) sweeper
E Series Wet-Type Electric Cleaning Machine (Ride-On)

DEMO Industry Electric Cleaning Truck

DM-C/D/E/W Series  

  • Suction/drain flexible hose

Easy to discharge waste water and high durability.

  • Smart control system

Auto-cleaning is available to operate all the features by one-touch with central-concentrated control panel and the segment operation by using the individual buttons is also available.

  1. Vertical-type driving

Motor is located on upside to prevent influx of sewage and excellent durability.

  • Gs shock-absorber mounting deck brush

It is buffed under constant pressure according to the ground state and increases the lifetime of the equipment and supplies.

5.Stainless steel deck
It is applied to the stainless steel to prevent corrosion due to direct contact with water and detergent.(Better corrosion resistance than painted steel)

  1. Emergencyshutdown

It is less trouble with strong and large capacitive emergency switch, placed on convenient location to press in a state of emergency.

  • S860R/S650S/W1100R

S860R: Ride-on Scrubber:

S860R by the workers on board is equipped to spread water with brush and inhale waste water and exerts a powerful cleaning ability to a large space or pathway.

S650S: Standing-ride Scrubber

S650S by the workers on standing is the compact equipment for cleaning small space or pathway and capable of mounting the elevator.

W1100R: Ride-on Sweeper

W1100R is a dry-cleaning equipment handing large waste amounts at once. It is extremely useful in factories, warehouse, parks, parking lot, apartment complexes,etc. and equipped with HEPA filter and automatic filter for cleaning fine dust.