DEMO P Series 1-4T Electric Pallet Truck
P Series 1-4T Electric Pallet Truck


DEMO P Series 1-4T Electric Pallet Truck  




  •  Advanced AC control system eliminating the motor brushes and directional contactors, which makes the minimal maintenance requirements. Intelligentized regenerative brake system: increase overall truck performance by decreasing battery charge intervals.
  •  The padded armrest supports the operator’s upper arm and shoulder, reducing operator fatigue.
  •  The built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads.
  •  Emergency power disconnect.
  •  Stepless speed control.
  •  Big battery capacity210- 320Ah, drive motor 1.2-2.2KW. The work efficiency and reliability are much improved.
  •  The deadman brake device in the compartment makes operation safer.
  •  Built-in hood lock device and safety lock device increase the safety level of the trucks.
  •  Standing drive motor system has a small turning radius and easy to maintain. The motor structure is water-proof and dust-proof.
  •  Side battery with roll-out system is very convenient to replace batteries and useful for 2 or more shifts working.
  •  One-piece gauge steel is formed for maximum strength forks.
  •  CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increases reliability.
  •  Hall-effect throttle control eliminates wear components and requiring no mechanical adjustment.
  •  All pivot points have the grease fitting and serviceable bushing, reducing component wear and extending component life.