DEMO Electric Pallet Truck

General: Powerful 3-phase AC motor; Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact chassis design;

Easy operation with the tiller in the upright position by using the crawl speed button; Multi-shift operation with sideways battery exit (optional).

The DM-P Series pallet trucks are particularly suited to lorry loading and offloading as well as horizontal transport over short distances. The main advantage is down to its short chassis length of only 480 mm, the DM-P can be manoeuvred in the smallest of spaces.

The innovative 3-phase AC drive motor is another advantage. Its efficiency ensures high speed and powerful acceleration in every situation – ideal for fast, efficient product throughput. Added to speed of operation are long operating times: batteries up to 240 Ah in combination with excellent energy management ensure long
operating times. For operations lasting more than 1 shift, the battery can be removed sideways (optional) for quick battery change.

The long tiller ensures safe operation by keeping a practical distance between operator and truck. If space is at a premium, the crawl speed button makes travelling safe with the tiller in the upright position. One touch of a button is sufficient: the brake is released and the drive switch automatically controls travel at a reduced speed. The low battery height pays off particularly in confined spaces, and provides even the shorter operator with optimum visibility towards the fork tips.

The completely redeveloped multifunction tiller head is full of innovations: enclosed sensor system for protection against breakdown, rocker switch with contactless electronics for operation in every tiller position and ergonomically arranged switches.



Truck Name:  Electric Pallet truck


Brand DEMO
Drive type  Electric
Operation type  Stand up
Load capacity kg 2000
Load centre distance mm 600
Wheelbase mm 1426
Service weight (without battery) kg 365
Axle loading, laden front/rear kg 965/1595
Axle loading,unladen front/rear kg 434/126
Tyres polyurethane
Tyre size,front mm Φ80*70
Tyre size,rear mm Φ100*40
driven wheels(dimensions) mm Φ230*75
Wheels,number front rear(×=driven wheels) 1*-2/4
Tread,front mm 510
Tread,rear mm 400
Max.lift height mm 205
Fork height,lowered mm 85
Height of tiller in drive position min./max. mm
Overall length mm 1770
Overall width mm
Fork Dimensions mm 160/55/1150
Width overall forks mm 560/680
Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase mm 30
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 crossways mm
Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 crossways mm 2047
Turning radius mm 1615
Travel speed , laden/unladen KM/h 5.2/6
Lift speed , laden/unladen mm/s 40/50
Lowering speed ,laden/unladen mm/s 50/40
Gradeability, laden/unladen % 8/15
Service brake electromagnetic
Drive motor rating KW 1.2
Lift motor rating KW 0.8
Battery voltage,nominal capacity v/Ah 24/210
Battery weight kg 210
Battery dimensions i/w/h mm
Sound level at the driver,s ear DIN 12053 dB(A) 70