DEMO Hand Pallet Truck Series

 General: Reinforced frame, Fast lift supplied as standard, Unique operating element, Robust and durable, Short and manoeuvrable.

The hand pallet trucks is the ideal solution for all manual transport tasks over short distances. It is a universally suitable truck with its extraordinarily high capacity – for very heavy loads as well as for loads that exceed the usual dimensions. Its advantages are detailed here:

Comfortable and easy to handle operating element for both left-handed and right-handed operators. Manoeuvring with one hand on the tiller head is possible and both comfortable and safe.

Fast lift (up to 120 kg) with supplied as standard for off the floor lifting and lowering of pallets in only three pump strokes.

Excellent manoeuvrability even in most confined spaces through slim front length.

Chromed bearing bushes on wheels and joints make for easy pulling or pushing. They are convincing with their remarkably quiet running and maintenance free operation.


  1. Effortless transport of heavy loads

The special reinforcements of load-carrying parts makes DEMO hand pallet truck ideally suitable for the transport of particularly heavy loads

  1. Designs for every application

Varying fork lengths ensure that even loads with extreme centres of gravity can be transported safely.

  1. Easy to handle

The smooth running operating element is equally suitable for left-handed and right-handed operators.

The special lowering valve facilitates loads to be lowered particularly sensitively and proportionally.

The standard fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that Euro pallets are lifted off the floor with only three pump strokes. Maximum lift height is achieved in only 5 pump strokes.

  1. Excellent manoeuvrability

105° to all sides ensures maximum manoeuvrability, even in narrow aisles or on a lorry.




No. MODEL TM-DB2000 DM-BF3000
1 Rated capacity KG 2000 3000
2 Fork lowered height (H1 mm) 75 85
3 Fork extended height (H2 mm) 195 200
4 Steering wheel (A mm) Φ160 Φ200
5 Fork wheel       (B mm) Φ70 Φ93
6 Width over the forks (W mm) 685 685
7 Fork length (L mm) 1220 1220
8 Truck weight KG 55-65 105
9 Dimension 685*1220 685*1220
10 Material Nylon/Polyurethane double wheel Nylon/Polyurethane double wheel