DEMO R series 1-2.5T Electric Reach Truck (Side-sitting)
R series 1-2.5T Electric Reach Truck (Side-sitting)

DEMO R Series 1-2.5T Electric Reach Truck (Side-sitting)

Taking the dominant ideology of ergonomics, adopting international advanced idea and technology, R series Reach truck is qualified for its excellent security, manipulation, and comfort. The conception of environmental protection and humanization design are fully embodied by its streamline appearance, concise color assortment, and characteristics of no pollution, low noise and low vibration.

Driving System

R series reach truck adopts the large capacity, high-quality battery as the standard collocation: meanwhile, offers separately excited DC motor and non-carbon reversion AC motor as an option, in order to enable more reasonable composition. The reduction gear is composed of the steering box and wheel box. Complex differential gear won’t be necessary. Excellent acceleration and driving performance ensure full load operation.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system rationally adopts supple and stiff tube to reduce pressure losses, acceleration the lift of mast. Hydraulic units employ the “NOK” seal unit imported from Japan, passing thousands of tests, which enable the truck safer, more stable and more reliable.

Electrical Controller System 

LCD digital monitor provides instant access to virtually battery indicator, clock, and truck operation recorder of your forklift truck and operating system to help you maximize productivity and maintain it timely. The truck adopts MOSFET travel & lift controller to control its working more accurately and more reposefully. The truck possesses advantageous serviceability, including regenerative braking, plug braking, anti-slip on a slope and other functions. All the electrical circuits possess overheat protection, reverse connection protection and anti-short-circuit function. Besides, waterproof and dustproof functions have been enhanced. Advanced and minimalistic electronic system makes the entire circuitry simple and reliable.


R series reach truck obtains the fully hydraulic steering, adjustable activated speed, adjustable release braking distance, stable low speed running, delay of steering and other functions to realize the personalized driving with great comfort.


Based on the safe principle, high lifting speed of the mast improves working efficiency. Turning radius and width of right angle stacking aisle are decreased through reducing the dimensions of whole truck, which raise the warehouse’s availability and enable the truck to operate in limited space.


The advanced imported electrical control system enables the forklift to smoothly glide when on a descending slope. Parking brake will automatically work when the forklift is in a stationary state. While accelerator handle is pulled, the parking brake will automatically release. By using wide-view design, the scope of the operator’s vision has been greatly improved, in order to make the operation faster and safer.


R series Reach truck adopts non-contact hall induction accelerator, the regenerative braking, intelligent fault display and other advanced functions. AC drive system is virtually maintenance free to save you time and money and greatly enhances the maintainability.