DEMO RT series 2-5T four-direction electric reach forklift
RT series 2-5T four-direction electric reach forklift

DEMO RT series 1.5-2.0T four-direction Electric Reach Truck


  • European prototype design, the original import parts, and system, national new patent certificate,
  • Ergonomic design for drivers, equipped with a fully adjustable seat, with control panel and hydraulic functions by electronically controlling.
  • Can walk to four directions, and flank and front walking for four directions if there are any requirements for adjusting the direction.
  • Designed with the special DM electronic control system, drive speed can accord with the fork to ground to help drivers to make a position.
  • Programmable electronic energy back forklift, (electromagnetic brake, pedal brake or driving direction changing and the end of aisle brake) maximum satisfy requirements of drivers and site facilities.
  • Pallet fork electronic control function for pallet fork down and energy feedback. With the large capacity battery which extends working time and also improves the working efficiency.
  • Optional device:
  • Automatically rotating /lateral movement function
  • Pallet fork expanders can tilt or extend pallet fork
  • Electronic height preselection system with coded lock
  • Installed video monitoring system on shelves
  • Battery replacement (the standard DIN battery)
  • With roller base
  • With preheating driving cab
  • Personal protection system device, driving trajectory can be preset (can be operated according to design of shelves from customer)