DEMO TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction Narrow aisle Reach truck 03
TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction Narrow aisle Reach truck 03
DEMO TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction Narrow aisle Reach truck 02
TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction Narrow aisle Reach truck 02
DEMO TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction narrow aisle reach lift truck 01
TR Series 1.2-1.5T Three direction narrow aisle reach truck 01

DEMO Tri-lateral Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck



DEMO tri-lateral people uplink narrow aisled forklift truck TR serials is the introduced of European proto forklift truck types which are assembled in China, When lift height up to 14 meters,  the direction can be achieved without replacing the three-way fork operation, effectively save space and improve efficiency, this kind tri-lateral person uplink  narrow aisled  forklift truck is one of the world’s most technologically advanced electric Narrow aisle forklift, Very popularly to the customers.

  1. Features

Appearance ergonomic design:

Adoption of the European prototype arc streamline surface modeling, vehicle lines seamless.

  1. Stability and activity

Drive unit fixed to the central location, lower vehicle center of gravity, good stability. Drive system is located in the rear frame, the wheel can rotate 360 degrees, turn flexible, in a small space can also be comfortable turning freely.
3. Operation Comfort

According to the operating handle ergonomic design, integrated into the console for the operator to provide maximum comfort. Optimal design of wide-view mast, triplex mast. Note mast lifting cylinder placed in the left side, not easy to block the sight of the operator, fork frame to open file sizes increase, making a broader perspective. Adjustable height and angle using the steering wheel, the operator can choose the best driving position.
4. Environmental protection
AC drive system, low noise, maintenance-free motor, no pollution, environmentally friendly and energy saving.

  1. Reliability, security
    Controller, contactors, power plugs, switches and other emergency break electrical components are used mainly foreign brands. Emergency break switch as standard, in line with European safety standards. Wide arm cushions and crash head restraints as standard, in line with European safety standards. The door between the frame and polycarbonate operator protection board.
  2. Overload protection
    Electronic and hydraulic overload protection device to ensure the maximum operating safety of the goods.
  3. Humanization design
    Safe and comfortable, sit-working cab, wide field of vision
    Safety cab full 360-degree field of vision
    Electronic variable speed function
    Emergency power-off function, the electromagnetic brake function
    Easily shift the direction of electronic control panel
    Battery Meter / Timer
    High-temperature long-lasting anti-traction battery power.
  4. Maintainability
    Fully open the cover, so that all the motor and transmission, brake, hydraulic devices, maintenance is very convenient.
    Battery device can be introduced so that the battery is very convenient for maintenance.

Second, advanced vehicle design.

walking and lifting control system uses electronic control MOSFET and low-pressure drop, high efficiency, low heat and power loss, high frequency MOSFET integrated controller to ensure smooth running and improve control accuracy, speed, superior performance, with the energy and, reverse braking, ramp down and so prevent, make the operation more efficient, more secure and comfortable

  • As a world-class brand of the LED large screen display with LCD battery indicator and fault diagnosis of time-table and the table can be displayed accurately in harsh environments.
  • Advanced MOSFET-AC control system, the forklift walking, lifting, turning, forward and other actions are to achieve computer control.
  • vehicle circuit seal and waterproof design, and a fully enclosed thermal design to ensure circuit reliability and safety.
  • goods lift, set the device number. Can take the goods and set the number of lift height, the pilot not at the high-level operation.
  • ESP electronic steering systems, the application of technology in the car used in the forklift truck, the motor turning the sensor signals received after the realization of four-way steering, the vehicle provides quiet and efficient operation of light and flexible, lightweight and achieve shift accurately.
  • limit the height direction and speed of human design, at a height of over eight meters, the height of the sensor signal to the controller, in the lifting and driving speed before and after the big change will be to ensure that goods are more secure when working at height
  • driver safety seat design, not the driver sitting in the seat, forklift could not move.
  • left foot pedal design security so that the driver inØ the narrow space operations more secure.
  • high, hydraulic steering, single pump shunt priority to technology, to ensure to low noise; gear pump with low noise, reduced vehicle lift noise
  • three independent microcomputer control system to ensure safe and reliable braking; the main circuit and control circuit emergency power-off function; operation sequence protection; electronically controlled self-protection.
  • brake energy recovery system design, effective use of time extension.
  • instrument display pane with l lock function.
  • contacts: imports of British ALBRIGHT (Albright) high reliability; and has a dual control feature, which controls the main circuit and auxiliary contact control loop control characteristics, the maximum level of protection of electronic control.
  • Accelerator: imports of U.S. COMSYS accelerator
  • DC Converter: DC voltage converter imported from Germany (DC-DC), balanced use of batteries to extend battery life.
  • Gear pumps: imported double gear pump with low noise.
  • Mast Type: German KRUPP three full free lift & wide view mast.
  • Drive system: ZF drive system imported from Germany.
  • Attachments: DEMOintegral lateral side shift
  • Frame: Demo domestic producing
  • hydraulic motor pump:  JAPAN Shimadzu
  • Tyres: Imported polyurethane wheels
  • wheel brakes: Germany imported LENZ
  • Battery:  battery industry imported from Italian 80V/FAMM
  • Charger: high-performance smart battery charger