DEMO S Series 1-2T Full Electric Stacker (Horizontal style)
S Series 1-2T Full Electric Stacker (Horizontal style)




DEMO S Series 1-2T full electric stacker(vertical style)-2
S Series 1-2T Full Electric Stacker (Vertical style)

DEMO S SERIES 1-2T Full Electric Stacker 

DM- S10/S12/S14/S16/S18/S20 

General: Powerful and economical with maintenance free 3-phase AC drive motor, Sensitive lifting and lowering from the tiller buttons through adjustable hydraulic motor speed, Efficient and quiet hydraulics High residual capacities at high lift heights Effortless electric steering

The DM-S range 2 pedestrian stackers are specially designed for increased productivity at high lift heights, high residual capacities and long operating times. With their narrow width of only 800 mm they have the capability of maneuvering safely and effortlessly in the most confined spaces with the tiller in the upright position.
A powerful 3-phase AC drive motor is an added bonus. Its excellent efficiency ensures high speed with good acceleration in every application – the best basis for fast, efficient goods throughput.
Other advantages as a result of the high specification lifting system:

Exact and sensitive lifting of the load. This makes the stacking of heavy loads in narrow racking easy.

Minimum noise during lifting.

Higher lowering speed without load. The faster lowering of unladen forks speeds up subsequent load pick-ups.

Very soft depositing of load/forks on the floor or in the racking through proportional hydraulics.

Maximum safety: High residual capacities are achieved with the torsion resistant, clear view mast. Giving high utilization of all storage locations.

The low mounted tiller reduces the risk of foot injuries due to a larger distance between operator and chassis. This means a safe distance to truck and load and therefore increased safety for the operator.

The offset tiller provides excellent visibility past the load for fast, safe operation. The operator is secure within the truck contours during travel.

Only authorized employees to have access to the truck with CanCode (optional). The truck is activated by PIN instead of an ignition key.

Constant travel speed on gradients. The advantage: No uncontrolled and dangerous roll-back.

Minimum operating costs: Wear-free electro-magnetic brake. No carbon brushes – the drive motor is maintenance-free.

Special protection for electric: The encapsulation to IP protection class 54 reduces the susceptibility to humidity and dust, and increases the reliability of components and cables. 

Highly productive product throughput:3-phase AC technology: Efficient goods throughput and fast working cycles are achieved due to powerful acceleration and high top speed. The weight of the load has virtually no effect on acceleration and maximum travel speed.

Short lift times (even with a full load) through compact 3 kW pump motor.

Smooth depositing of pallets with automatic deceleration of lowering speed (optional).

Control of all functions with the multifunction tiller head.

Effortless steering, especially during maneuvering with the tiller in upright position, and crawl speed button via electric steering (optional).