DEMO Mobile lift Platform 0.3-1.5T
DEMO Mobile lift Platform 0.3-1.5T






















This product is made according to JB/T9229.1-1999 standard, designed and made by famous hydraulic parts as well as excellent customers’ requirements, besides, it is widely used in installation, maintenance, decoration and others of high-altitude equipment, and it is used as up-and-down transportation in multi-layer workshops as well as between storehouse and working layer, goods, and materials transportation between height differences during production line and special types of equipment’ s movement, load and unload of truck etc., this product has many outstanding functions, mainly are: 

  1. High strength manganese steel structure, safe and firm
  2. Anti-fall, overload safety protection
  3. Up and down optional button operation
  4. Low-voltage system operation ensures safety

This product is applied to the high installation, inspection and clearance of those tall buildings such as factory buildings, constructions sites, hotels, storehouses, airports, stations and wharves, etc., as well as the maintenance of those power facilities, elevated pipelines and hoisting machinery in the open fields, which is an ideal equipment of safe operation an d high efficiency and which makes the high operations more convenient and much quicker.



  • The main structure of high-strength manganese steel
  • Protection device against overloading
  • Protection device against dropping
  • Urgent descending device
  • Liability insurance of product quality by PICC



  • AC 380V Power supply (of common size)
  • AC 220V Power supply
  • DC power supply
  • Annual hydraulic power
  • Manual/electrical