Step forward to Welcome AGV 4.0

Requirements for AGV 4.0

Conventional Automated Guided Vehicles are just part of an overall system, the AGV system. The vehicles work on the shop floor and each vehicle communicates exclusively with the parent control computer of the AGV system. If two vehicles have to “vote” in a conflict situation, this is done via the control system.

Vehicle faults are reported to the control system by the vehicle, if this is still possible. The same applies to bottlenecks and deadlocks. Employees receive these messages and have to eliminate the respective problem situation.

AGV 4.0-2
AGV 4.0-2


In Industry 4.0 plants, the picture is completely transformed and the vehicles must have the following features, among others:

  • Automatic
  • Communication between products and vehicles
  • Communication from vehicle to vehicle
  • Self-diagnosis in case of malfunctions
  • Self-configuration
  • Cross-manufacturer interfaces
  • Identification of reusable components
  • Preventive component change
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Self-dissolution of deadlocks


AGV 4.0-3
AGV 4.0-3


Manufacturers and component suppliers as well as research institutions will have to face many challenges until AGV 4.0 becomes a standard.





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